christian louboutin sale cheap prada cheap oakleyWelcome to Steel Wheels, a website devoted exclusively to pre-1930s tractors. The aim of this site is to give some information about the companies that produced these tractors and to present my photographs of them at shows and museums around the world. I have also included a section for collectors of pre-1930s tractors to display their own collections. Please feel free to email me with any comments or suggestions, or if you need any information about your tractor. Just click on a link below to get started...

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LATEST NEWS:  George Schaaf Auction, Saturday 10th September 2016, Frankfort, Illinois, USA.
                      Anders Haggstrom has compiled a website (in Swedish) devoted to tractors built in Sweden before 1940.
                      Chris Astell's Vintage Brass Plates website has received a major overhaul, and now includes an extensive gallery of sample designs.
                      He can reproduce plates in brass, aluminium or nickel silver from either the original plate or a clear photo, and ships worldwide.
                      Interesting thread about the restoration of a John Deere 24" Spoker D.
                      Check out the new websites on Rock Island/Heider, Samson Model M and Twin City tractors.


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