Alldays & Onions Pneumatic Engineering Co. Ltd, Birmingham, England


Alldays General Purpose tractor (click on image to enlarge)
Alldays & Onions Ltd was formed in 1885 by a merger between William Allday & Co. and the bellow-maker John Onions. The new company, based in Birmingham (UK), produced a range of products including turbines, fans, pneumatic hammers and furnaces, as well as a vast range of bicycles. In the early 1900s they manufactured their first car, the "Voiturette", and subsequently went on to produce further cars and motorcycles. Their tractor production was limited to a single model, the Alldays General Purpose Tractor, although this was quite advanced for its time with front and rear springs and a fully enclosed engine.

Photo Gallery (Click on images to enlarge)

Alldays General Purpose Tractor Mk.2 (serial no. 402) at Onslow Park Rally, Shropshire and Little Casterton Working Weekend, Lincolnshire, England in 2006.

Alldays General Purpose Tractor Mk.2 at Carrington Rally, Lincolnshire, England in 2009.


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