Aultman & Taylor Machinery Co. Steam Engine Register

This page lists surviving Aultman & Taylor Machinery Co. steam engines in the USA and Canada, with details such as serial number, date of manufacture and location.

Entries in
red indicate an engine that has been exported from North America in the preservation era, with the current location listed if known.

Abbreviations: ST = steam tractor SC = single cylinder SD = shaft drive
PE = portable engine TC = tandem compound RF = return flue
SB = straw burner

Serial No. Type HP/Class Year Layout Owner/Location
71 ST 10hp 1878 SC, SD Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, Michigan, USA
77 ST 10hp 1878 SC, SD Scott-Carver Threshers, Jordan, Minnesota, USA
2500 ST 12hp n/a SC, SD Midwest Old Threshers, Mt Pleasant, Iowa, USA
4014 ST 12hp 1892 SC, SD, RF Massachusetts, USA
5099 ST 12hp 1898 SC, SD n/a
5747 ST 20hp n/a TC, SD, RF, SB Ederville, Carthage, North Carolina, USA
6287 ST 16hp 1902 SC, SD Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio, USA
6496 ST 8hp 1902 SC, SD National Threshers Association, Wauseon, Ohio, USA
6698 ST n/a 1904 SC, SD California, USA
7065 ST n/a n/a SC Alberta, Canada? (for sale on Ebay)
7085 ST 16hp n/a SC England (ex-NY, USA)
7329 ST 16hp n/a SC n/a
8147 ST 20hp n/a SC Makoti Threshers Museum, Makoti, North Dakota, USA
8443 ST 16hp n/a SC Michigan, USA
8826 ST 18hp n/a SC n/a
9323 ST 25hp n/a SC Illinois, USA
9354 ST 20hp n/a SC Michigan, USA
9392 ST 20hp n/a SC Rahmi M. Koç Museum, Istanbul, Turkey (ex-GA, USA)
n/a ST n/a n/a SC Dougherty Museum, Longmont, Colorado, USA
n/a ST n/a n/a SC Hesston Steam Museum, La Porte, Indiana, USA
n/a ST n/a n/a SC Prairie Trails Museum, Corydon, Iowa, USA
n/a ST n/a n/a SC, SD Otter Tail County Historical Society Museum, Fergus Falls, Minnesota, USA
n/a ST 20hp n/a SC Miracle of America Museum, Polson, Montana, USA
n/a ST n/a n/a SC Collier Logging Museum, Chiloquin, Oregon, USA
n/a ST n/a n/a SC Collier Logging Museum, Chiloquin, Oregon, USA
n/a ST 16hp n/a SC Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum, Hood River, Oregon, USA
n/a ST n/a n/a SC, SD, RF, SB Western Development Museum, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
n/a ST n/a n/a SC Western Heritage Center, Monroe, Washington, USA
n/a PE n/a n/a SC West Virginia State Farm Museum, Point Pleasant, West Virginia, USA

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