Port Huron Engine & Thresher Co. Steam Engine Register

This page lists surviving Port Huron Engine & Thresher Co. steam engines in the USA and Canada, with details such as serial number, date of manufacture and location.

Entries in
red indicate an engine that has been exported from North America in the preservation era, with the current location listed if known.

Abbreviations: ST = steam tractor SC = single cylinder
PE = portable engine TC = tandem compound

Serial No. Type HP/Class Year Layout Owner/Location
4447 PE 12hp 1903 SC Toledo, Ohio, USA
5153 ST n/a n/a n/a England
5525 ST 32-100hp 1909 TC Michigan, USA
5624/B4147 ST 20-60hp n/a SC Pennsylvania, USA
5854 PE 32hp n/a TC Tahquamenon Logging Museum, Newberry, Michigan, USA
5869 ST n/a n/a SC Minnesota, USA
6127 PE n/a n/a SC Roots of Motive Power, Willits, California, USA
6322 ST n/a n/a n/a England?
6537 ST 19-65hp 1910 TC n/a
6539/B5303 ST 25hp 1910 TC x 2 Ontario Steam Heritage Museum, Puslinch, Ontario, Canada
6775 ST 20hp n/a SC St Clair County Farm Museum, Goodells, Michigan, USA
6969 ST 20hp n/a SC Illinois, USA
7130 ST 19-65hp 1913 TC Illinois, USA
7141 ST 16-50hp 1913 TC Ohio, USA
7337 ST n/a n/a TC Wisconsin, USA
7377 ST 19-65hp n/a TC Semussac, France
7378 ST 19-65hp 1914 TC Illinois, USA
7403 ST 19-65hp 1914 TC England
7404 ST 32-100hp 1914 TC Ohio, USA
7594 ST 19-65hp n/a TC Illinois, USA
7621 ST 24-75hp 1915 TC WMSTR, Rollag, Minnesota, USA
7662 ST 19-65hp n/a TC Illinois, USA
7738 ST 19-65hp n/a TC Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead, Overland Park, Kansas, USA
7806 ST 19-65hp n/a TC Spain
7837 ST 19-65hp 1916 TC Colorado, USA?
7919 ST 19-65hp n/a TC Ederville, Carthage, North Carolina, USA
7920 ST 19-65hp n/a TC Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, Michigan, USA
7948 ST 24-75hp 1917 TC Michigan, USA
7953 ST 24-75hp 1917 TC Michigan, USA
7964 ST 24-75hp 1917 TC Indiana, USA
8121 ST 19-65hp n/a TC St Clair County Farm Museum, Goodells, Michigan, USA
8148 ST 16-50hp n/a TC USA (sold at auction in OH in 2014)
8220 ST 19-65hp 1919 TC Michigan, USA
8236 ST 19-65hp n/a TC Ontario, Canada
8315 ST 19-65hp n/a TC Italy (ex-USA)
8403 ST 19-65hp n/a TC Midwest Old Threshers, Mt Pleasant, Iowa, USA
8430 ST 19-65hp 1920 TC Illinois, USA
8487 ST 24-75hp n/a TC Illinois, USA
8502 ST 24-75hp 1920 TC Indiana, USA
8519 ST 19-65hp 1920 TC Illinois, USA
8525 ST 19-65hp n/a TC Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn Heritage Farm, Frankenmuth, Michigan, USA
8537 ST 19-65hp 1920 TC Ohio, USA
8557 ST 19-65hp 1920 TC New York, USA
8607 ST 19-65hp 1921 TC Ohio, USA
8613 ST 16-50hp n/a TC Kelley Park, San Jose, California, USA
8620 PE 24hp n/a TC Lithuania (ex-Henry Ford Museum, USA)
n/a ST 24-75hp n/a TC National Agricultural Center & Hall of Fame, Bonner Springs, Kansas, USA
n/a ST 24-75hp 1920 TC Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio, USA
n/a ST n/a n/a TC Collier Logging Museum, Chiloquin, Oregon, USA
n/a PE n/a n/a n/a Newberry KOA Resort, Newberry, Michigan, USA
n/a ST n/a n/a TC Somerset, England (ex-USA)
n/a ST n/a n/a TC Hungary

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