Russell & Co. Steam Engine Register

This page lists surviving Russell & Co. steam engines in the USA and Canada, with details such as serial number, date of manufacture and location.

Entries in
red indicate an engine that has been exported from North America in the preservation era, with the current location listed if known.

Abbreviations: ST = steam tractor SC = single cylinder
PE = portable engine TC = tandem compound

Serial No. Type HP/Class Year Layout Owner/Location
2212 ST 10hp 1883 SC n/a (for sale on Ebay - ex-Henry Ford Museum)
2402 ST 13hp 1884 SC n/a (sold at auction in WA)
4151 PE 6hp 1888 SC n/a (sold at auction in WA)
4845 ST 10hp 1889 SC Indiana, USA
8477 ST 16hp 1896 SC (ex-TC) California, USA?
9713 ST 10hp 1900 SC Lathrop Antique Car, Tractor and Engine Association, Lathrop, Missouri, USA
9798 ST 12hp 1900 SC Presby House Museum, Goldendale, Washington, USA
10080 ST n/a 1900 TC Spain (ex-ON, Canada)
10477? ST n/a 1901 SC Six Flags Over Georgia, Austell, Georgia, USA
10785 ST n/a 1901 TC Ederville, Carthage, North Carolina, USA
10803 ST 13hp 1901 SC Pennsylvania, USA
11954 ST 13hp 1904 SC Iowa, USA
12012 PE 8hp 1904 SC Ohio, USA
13066 ST 25-75hp n/a SC Pioneer Village, Minden, Nebraska, USA
13360 ST 12hp 1907 SC Indiana, USA
13396 PE 12hp n/a SC Keith Kinney, Evansville, Indiana, USA
13855 ST 22hp 1908 TC Nevada City, Montana, USA
13912 ST 20hp n/a SC, SB Chuck Lyons, Deer Park, Washington, USA
14962 ST 18hp n/a SC n/a
15106 ST 12hp 1913 SC Midwest Old Threshers, Mt Pleasant, Iowa, USA
15113 ST n/a 1913 SC Oregon, USA?
15168 ST 16hp 1913 SC Ohio, USA
15323 PE 6hp 1913 SC n/a
15425 ST 16-48hp 1914 SC n/a
15525 ST n/a 1914 SC Missouri, USA
15555 ST 16hp 1914 SC Isanti, Minnesota, USA
15725 ST 25-75hp 1915 SC Makoti Threshers Museum, Makoti, North Dakota, USA
15740 ST 25-75hp 1915 SC Oklahoma, USA
15837 ST 22-66hp 1915 TC Illinois, USA
15915 ST n/a 1915 SC Oregon, USA?
16021 ST 12hp 1916 SC Italy (ex-USA)
16031 ST 12hp 1916 SC Massillon Museum, Massillon, Ohio, USA
16107 ST 25-75hp 1916 SC Midwest Old Threshers, Mt Pleasant, Iowa, USA
16136 ST 25-75hp 1916 SC n/a (sold at auction in NE in 2012)
16353 ST 20hp 1917 SC Ohio, USA
16387 ST 30-90hp 1917 SC WMSTR, Rollag, Minnesota, USA
16533 ST 20-60hp 1918 SC England (ex-USA)
16948 ST n/a 1920 SC Hungary
16954 ST 20-60hp 1920 SC Ohio, USA
17025 ST 16-48hp 1921 SC Indiana, USA
17030 ST 20-60hp 1921 SC Iowa, USA
17071 ST 16hp 1922 SC USA
n/a ST 6hp 1891 SC Ohio, USA
n/a ST n/a n/a TC Blacktail Ranch, Wolf Creek, Montana, USA
n/a ST n/a n/a SC Simonian Farms, Fresno, California, USA
n/a ST n/a n/a SC Connecticut Antique Machinery Association Museum, Kent, Connecticut, USA
n/a ST n/a n/a SC Camp 18 Logging Museum, Elsie, Oregon, USA
n/a ST n/a n/a SC Pottsville Historical Museum, Merlin, Oregon, USA
n/a ST 25hp General Utility n/a SC British Columbia, Canada
n/a ST n/a n/a TC Tokyo Disneyland, Uraysu, Chiba, Japan
n/a ST n/a n/a n/a Spain
n/a PE 25hp n/a SC Museum of the Arkansas Grand Prairie, Stuttgart, Arkansas, USA
n/a PE n/a n/a SC Pioneer Florida Museum, Dade City, Florida, USA
n/a PE n/a n/a SC Cannonsburgh Village, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA

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