The Parrett Tractor Co. was founded by Dent and Henry Parrett in 1913 at Chicago, Illinois. Parrett tractors featured a cross-mounted engine and could be distinguished by their large front wheels and sideways-mounted radiator. The first successful production model was the 10-20, which appeared in 1915, and this was redesigned to become the 12-25 Model E and Model H tractors. A more powerful model, the 15-30 Model K, was also offered. In 1918 the Canadian Massey-Harris company transferred the Parrett plant to Weston, Ontario, where the Parrett 12-25 became the Massey-Harris No.1 and No.2.

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Parrett Model E 12-25hp (serial no. 1047) at the Little Casterton Working Weekend, Lincolnshire, England in 2006.

Parrett Model E 12-25hp (serial no. 1255) at Stapehill Abbey Museum, Dorset, England in 2006.

Parrett Model E 12-25hp (serial no. 2053) at Pioneer Village, Minden, Nebraska, USA in 2011.


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